A Splendid Easter Sunday!

Unlike normal weekends, I did not have my three sons last night because of this morning being Easter Sunday. My ex-wife wanted the boys to be with her when they woke up, so I picked up the sons at 10:30a.m. and brought them back to my house to surprise them with more goodies to pick through. Instead of them heading back to their mother’s home the four of us headed to Vincennes, Indiana where some of my grandparents live for a wonderful lunch and Easter egg hunt! After some time there, we returned to Illinois, were it took the boys to their others grandparents house for their Easter dinner. From their I headed for home, where I changed out of my better clothes and into more comfortable threads for photo taking!

I left my house and headed towards the Lawrence County line, this time however, I began north of Sumner, Illinois as I started the northern section of my spring trek. After having a wonderful day with my boys, the bright sunshine and the cloudless sky only added to my sense of peace today! This was, however, the dustiest day I have encountered thus far! It seemed that no matter where I traveled the enormous dust cloud followed behind me and made me appear as though I was blazing down the gravel roads, as opposed to the crawling at 10m.p.h that I was really traveling.

I have seen more tractors today than since I began, but truthfully, when you begin in February, how many tractors are going to be in the fields? Though it was Easter Sunday, I saw many farmers out in the glorious daylight, tilling up the earth to make way for the seeds they would soon soe! I must have counted 14 tractors left parked in the fields, sitting like sleeping giants waiting to be woken up. Their were more tractors today than people it seemed! This is also a very sparsely populated area of Lawrence County and homes were very much, few and far between.

Working with a shortened timeframe today, I did still manage to capture some absolutely beautiful creeks and ominous crossroads! This day has been one to remember, to say the very least! This day began great and ended quite awesome, smashed in between was so many smiling memories that have left me ever so grateful to be alive and able to capture these physical images. Until next Sunday, live with passion!