Off To The Chicago Tribune!!

My Dedication, My PASSION!

It took a handful of days but I crammed everything I had covering the entire collection of my works thus far into that manila envelope! First, I made sure I still had copies of Book One and Book Two of Marky, Slash & Levy. I then printed out my weekly letter, which I send to Chicago every Sunday! Then I made sure that the information about Barney & Lexy were included. I carefully selected a handful of the over 700 photos I have thus far from The Four Seasons Of Lawrence County picture book. I completed my mission by adding myself, in a way! I put every bit of my passion into a cassette (yes they still make them) and squeezed it into the packet!

I am the type of person who enjoys motivational phrases and stories, therefore I made the package unique by writing down some of my most favorite sayings onto multi colored post its and adorning the entire package with them and then covering the package with clear packing tape. It looked awesome! I raced down to the post office, which was partially sealed off after someone tried to add a drive through, and paid my postage and watched my passion go into the bin to head out into the world!

My goal? I am going to get myself a story in that paper and inspire others to read what I have conquered on the path to the success I have now and what lies ahead. Theres been hundreds of hours spent in my career and I what those who are on the brink of giving up on their dreams to know that it isn’t over, they can do it. Success, I’d be telling a bold face lie if I said I wasn’t trying to get Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and the Lawrence County picture book more exposure but success is only at it greatest point when you can share it with others and pay it forward!

So, to the wonderful journalist at the Chicago Tribune who has had to endure my letters every week for five months, I say, “Mrs. Judy, let get some people inspired!”

As always, live everyday and do it with passion!!

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