The Chicago Tribune

As the clock on my computer screen turns 12:02 in the morning, I have just completed my blog for my picture book ( I am preparing to change over to my kitchen table and continue work on a packet of material I have been working on for the past two days filled with my current works and information about the picture book (I should say books since it looks to become four, one for each season). I am so passionate about Marky, Slash & Levy that I want only the very best that I have to offer to make its way to Chicago! FOr the past four months, I have been sending letters to the publication involving my work and the idea of doing a story with them to inspire others to reach for, not just their dreams, but what they are passionate about!

My goal? To have this packet completed by day after tomorrow! I want it to grab a certain journalists attention and not just get them intrigued but get them excited to help others through a storyline! So, it is with that level of energy, I log of for tonight (or this morning, lol) and get back down to it! Live every day with passion!!

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