Tires, tires everywhere!

With my, car ever so gently kicking under its hood, begging for a fresh oil change, I took off to finish one-quarter of Lawrence County for one season. It is amazing how a slow and simple drive can pull you away from the rush-rush lifestyle one can get so used to these days. I saw the beautiful Wabash River, the surprisingly high, Embarass River and of course tires! That’s right, today was the day of the tire in rural Lawrence County. Everywhere I went I saw an empty tire in an open corn field, beside the road and even in the road! It was if there had been a small storm in the area that day and instead of raindrops, tires fell from the sky instead!

This was the first day, since I began three weeks ago, that the sun was not my enemy towards the end of the shooting day. With an overcast sky, I shot pictures up until almost dark. It is so very peaceful how quiet the countryside is and how, no matter how I am feeling that particular day, I return to town with a sense of appreciation for my neighborhood and a smile on my face. Spring will soon be here and with it a new memory card in my camera (to keep the seasons separated). With the enjoyment of shooting the end of Winter, I look forward to what the Spring holds for me as mother nature begins to come alive!

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