Sumner Press

Tonight, my son, Lynden and I, did a newspaper interview with Dana Cochran of the Sumner Press! It was my first interview with my oldest son and to say it was fun is a understatment! It was AWESOME! Lynden explained how he chose the name for my next novel and smile so big as Dana wrote down what he was saying!:) Although this next story will not be about M,S&L. I wanted to share it with you, my wonderful reader, and let you know that though the post for M,S&L have slowed, that is not a permanent rhythm, I promise and as always, thank you so very much for reading! LB

Surprises, Oddites & Splendid Color


With the sun shining down on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, I dropped off my three awesome boys, came home and picked up, ran the vacuum cleaner, did my dishes and took off towards the corner of Lawrence County that I have never, in 32 years, been to before. To say this day was simply fun would be telling a lie. This afternoon was filled with surprises around every corner as I discovered a completely new part of my neighborhood I had no idea even existed!


With the trees beginning to bloom out, my photographs were given an amazing array of color and detail that was not visible to the naked eyes during the winter season. Today was filled with greens of every shade, dark green, light green, pea green, yellow green, and even shades of neon green in the spring blossoms! As the sunlight covered these blooming wonders of nature, it made for some amazing photos! It seemed, at some points along my path, that I would find myself stopping every few feet or so, simply because something else caught my attention and the light was ‘just’ right for the great shot!


I also realized the sign of the times. Every place I turned there were tall trees in fields, that had once stood for decades, watching over farmers crops, being pulled from the ground and placed into large pile, for what I can only assume is for simpler burning. For years and years, farmers had worked around these objects and what I can only attribute to harder times, they were pulled to make space for a couple more ears of corn. I reckon that is how it has to be though!


As usual, I met my share of gazers and gockers! I was approached by a father and son today, asking what I was doing, I showed them my camera and pointed out exactly what I was (and wasn’t) doing. The thing about most country folks are, when your straight up and honest with them, they smile and wish you the best and go on about their way! Of the people I have talked to since beginning this project, I am pleased to say that the Lawrence County people are understanding and appreciative folks!


Now for another week of work before my first vacation of the year! During which time, I will get in a double shot of shots for posting! As always, thank you so very much for reading and appreciating what life has to offer at 10 miles per hour!

Good Little Camera!


This really isn’t much of a post, but I did want to ask, have you ever noticed that sometimes an inexpensive camera can take the best photos. Before I started this project I figured on  getting a more costly one, but, after my photos thus far, I am sure I will stick with what works and keep on trucking across the county with my good little picture maker!

No, I Have Not Forgotten!

Since the completion of Bk4, I have completely separated myself from Marky, Slash & Levy. I guess after eight years and over one thousand pages, I needed a break! That though, does not mean that the wheels in my head have not stopped turning. I have begun a picture book on! It is my first picture book and I am enjoying catching the images in my home county as the seasons change.

As for M,S&L they are still very much my bread and butter so to speak. I am who I am because of those three guys and I will very soon be back into the saddle of putting the name out there again. Things are really good for me right now and I want to use that to give M,S&L a good boost!

Ready to Git!

I am thrilled to say that I have a new car and will be back at it next Sunday! With the trees blooming here in Lawrence County, I will begin the ‘Spring Edition’ of my work. I won’t be back to pictures of  the winter until next December. Next Sunday though, a much more readable post and a picture or two to show!

A No Picture Weekend!

Last weekend found me unfortunately, at home! One week ago my 1995 Mercury Cougar decided that after 300,000 miles that it was ready to end its relationship with the original oil pump. It stopped pumping as I left work and before I could get the 6 short blocks home, it locked up and is now simply sitting in my drive. Therefore, not a single picture was taken.

My goal: have a vehicle by the weekend! With spring coming on, the pictures must keep on coming!

Tires, tires everywhere!

With my, car ever so gently kicking under its hood, begging for a fresh oil change, I took off to finish one-quarter of Lawrence County for one season. It is amazing how a slow and simple drive can pull you away from the rush-rush lifestyle one can get so used to these days. I saw the beautiful Wabash River, the surprisingly high, Embarass River and of course tires! That’s right, today was the day of the tire in rural Lawrence County. Everywhere I went I saw an empty tire in an open corn field, beside the road and even in the road! It was if there had been a small storm in the area that day and instead of raindrops, tires fell from the sky instead!

This was the first day, since I began three weeks ago, that the sun was not my enemy towards the end of the shooting day. With an overcast sky, I shot pictures up until almost dark. It is so very peaceful how quiet the countryside is and how, no matter how I am feeling that particular day, I return to town with a sense of appreciation for my neighborhood and a smile on my face. Spring will soon be here and with it a new memory card in my camera (to keep the seasons separated). With the enjoyment of shooting the end of Winter, I look forward to what the Spring holds for me as mother nature begins to come alive!