The Glory Of Taking The Long Way.

Today, I set out on my second Sunday afternoon of photo shoots on a glorious February afternoon. The sky was sunny, the temperature was around 50 degrees and it was destined to be filled with great shots of Lawrence County, Illinois! I began in the farmlands in the southern most part of the county and made my way along every road up to the splendid Wabash River. In between, I saw some marvelous trees, interesting signs and car stopping crossroads, all in the pursuit of a picture book.

Again, as I was last Sunday, I found myself on county roads that I, even as a lifelong resident, had never been down upon. It is interesting that in this day of technology, we forget just where it is we each live and how it very much has stayed the same through time. Today I forgot about texts, emails, cell phones and time! I instead took yet, another wonderful journey into another era without even leaving home.

I can clearly see that this project, when finished, will be one that I shall always remember!

2 thoughts on “The Glory Of Taking The Long Way.

  1. An escape from technology. I’m envious, particularly because you were able to enjoy unadulterated nature (I live in NYC, so trees and forests are Sasquatch sightings).

    The picture book sounds interesting; much luck to you, and happy snapping/writing!

    • You would not believe how refreshing it is to slow down to 10 m.p.h. and take in what is really out there. In NYC, it might be harder but I have realized it is everywhere, we just have to look for it. It is such a release to see how things really are and not have to truely travel far to do so. Thanks so much for your comments and for reading!!

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