Life at 10 m.p.h

1 o’clock p.m., I get in my car with my RC and Hershey’s Air Delight and make my way to the southern most end of the county on Illinois Rt.1. I pull off onto the county line road and begin driving, there I see it, the first shot of the day. I stop my car, climb out and capture that moment. From there it was six hours of enjoyable picture-taking. I would finish at 7p.m. in the dark and low on fuel but came away with 77 wonderful pictures for the picture book. The catch, I only cover a very small section of the southern portion. So much more to take!!

It was such an interesting time. I drove no faster than 10 m.p.h. and saw creeks, trees, horses, and a daytime sky that begged for its picture to be taken. I came to a mature thought for the day, it is in fact not the world around us that has changed, it is people who have changed, the world is still the same as it ever has been! As I drove by at a slower pace, I was passed by a handful of people who were obviously in much more of a hurry than I.

I stopped and took a photograph of a farmstead that once had been in my family for over 100 years. It isn’t in my family namesake now but perhaps one day that can change? In such a short area, I spend six hours traveling back in time. Traveling down a couple of roads I had never been on in my 32 years on this earth. We think things are so small, but really it is only because we have come to move at such a fast pace that we fail to realize what is truly around us!

I have miles and miles to cover before I have crossed this small county in southern Illinois and this is only the first run through the season of Winter! It is exciting to not only achieve my goal of writing but now to also be working on a wonderful picture book leaves me thankful!!

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