The Picture Book (or Bk6, for those of you who know about the last 5Bks).

Tonight I set up this blog  with many hopes the wonderful readers I have had with Marky, Slash & Levy will continue to read as I begin on my first picture book entitled The Four Season Of Lawrence County, Illinois. I am very excited to begin this book finally after writing M,S&L and B&L over the last eight years. As for Marky, Slash & Levy, the journey is not over yet, my adventure into the world of publishing for the four book series is not over and I will continue to blog as I try my hardest to earn them publication with a meaningful publisher. I will post a sneak peak of photos from my weekends out and around for everyone to sample. I will also be making and updating changes over the next couple of days until I am pleased with the blogs layout. Again, I hope those of you who follow Marky, Slash & Levy ( will follow with me as I try out something I have always wanted to do here at! My hopes and thanks go out to you as I begin on this journey and look forward to writing my next children’s novel by spring! L.B.

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