The Picture Book

After going through some rough weeks and realizing that only I am going to stand on my own, I have decided that I am going to start on my first picture book this weekend. It will be throughout my home county and cover from one end to the other through the four seasons of winter. I’m not sure but it might take a handful of seasons to put it all together, but the only person who is going to start it is me. The Picture Book will have its own blog page as I am finished with Marky, Slash & Levy (the series). When the time comes to post the new site, I hope you will follow it as well as continue to follow Marky, Slash & Levy as I try to get it into the hands of a real publisher. It’s a slow process but one day, M,S&L WILL reach readers! I also will be starting on my sixth children’s book around my birthday in April so I hope that you will follow it as I start from the beginning! As always, thank you so much for reading, it means more than you think! Levi

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