The Glory Of Taking The Long Way.

Today, I set out on my second Sunday afternoon of photo shoots on a glorious February afternoon. The sky was sunny, the temperature was around 50 degrees and it was destined to be filled with great shots of Lawrence County, Illinois! I began in the farmlands in the southern most part of the county and made my way along every road up to the splendid Wabash River. In between, I saw some marvelous trees, interesting signs and car stopping crossroads, all in the pursuit of a picture book.

Again, as I was last Sunday, I found myself on county roads that I, even as a lifelong resident, had never been down upon. It is interesting that in this day of technology, we forget just where it is we each live and how it very much has stayed the same through time. Today I forgot about texts, emails, cell phones and time! I instead took yet, another wonderful journey into another era without even leaving home.

I can clearly see that this project, when finished, will be one that I shall always remember!

Life at 10 m.p.h

1 o’clock p.m., I get in my car with my RC and Hershey’s Air Delight and make my way to the southern most end of the county on Illinois Rt.1. I pull off onto the county line road and begin driving, there I see it, the first shot of the day. I stop my car, climb out and capture that moment. From there it was six hours of enjoyable picture-taking. I would finish at 7p.m. in the dark and low on fuel but came away with 77 wonderful pictures for the picture book. The catch, I only cover a very small section of the southern portion. So much more to take!!

It was such an interesting time. I drove no faster than 10 m.p.h. and saw creeks, trees, horses, and a daytime sky that begged for its picture to be taken. I came to a mature thought for the day, it is in fact not the world around us that has changed, it is people who have changed, the world is still the same as it ever has been! As I drove by at a slower pace, I was passed by a handful of people who were obviously in much more of a hurry than I.

I stopped and took a photograph of a farmstead that once had been in my family for over 100 years. It isn’t in my family namesake now but perhaps one day that can change? In such a short area, I spend six hours traveling back in time. Traveling down a couple of roads I had never been on in my 32 years on this earth. We think things are so small, but really it is only because we have come to move at such a fast pace that we fail to realize what is truly around us!

I have miles and miles to cover before I have crossed this small county in southern Illinois and this is only the first run through the season of Winter! It is exciting to not only achieve my goal of writing but now to also be working on a wonderful picture book leaves me thankful!!

The Picture Book Blog

As I value each and every reader as if you’re the only one (seriously I DO!) I hope your also follow me as I reach towards my goal of my own picture book. The blog site is and will follow me as I work on this project and reach this goal. As always I value your continued support with Marky, Slash & Levy as I work to getting these guys into the hands of a mainstream publisher! Your following means so very  much to me and I look forward to hearing from you on the Picture Book as well. Don’t forget, I’ll be starting my next children’s novel later this spring!!

The Picture Book (or Bk6, for those of you who know about the last 5Bks).

Tonight I set up this blog  with many hopes the wonderful readers I have had with Marky, Slash & Levy will continue to read as I begin on my first picture book entitled The Four Season Of Lawrence County, Illinois. I am very excited to begin this book finally after writing M,S&L and B&L over the last eight years. As for Marky, Slash & Levy, the journey is not over yet, my adventure into the world of publishing for the four book series is not over and I will continue to blog as I try my hardest to earn them publication with a meaningful publisher. I will post a sneak peak of photos from my weekends out and around for everyone to sample. I will also be making and updating changes over the next couple of days until I am pleased with the blogs layout. Again, I hope those of you who follow Marky, Slash & Levy ( will follow with me as I try out something I have always wanted to do here at! My hopes and thanks go out to you as I begin on this journey and look forward to writing my next children’s novel by spring! L.B.

The Picture Book

After going through some rough weeks and realizing that only I am going to stand on my own, I have decided that I am going to start on my first picture book this weekend. It will be throughout my home county and cover from one end to the other through the four seasons of winter. I’m not sure but it might take a handful of seasons to put it all together, but the only person who is going to start it is me. The Picture Book will have its own blog page as I am finished with Marky, Slash & Levy (the series). When the time comes to post the new site, I hope you will follow it as well as continue to follow Marky, Slash & Levy as I try to get it into the hands of a real publisher. It’s a slow process but one day, M,S&L WILL reach readers! I also will be starting on my sixth children’s book around my birthday in April so I hope that you will follow it as I start from the beginning! As always, thank you so much for reading, it means more than you think! Levi