Thing of the past?

For the sake of argument is it safe to say that the traditional means of attraction have fallin’ to the waist-side. If you look at the ways our grandparents met and fell in love versus what we, as adults, use today, they are polar opposites. When my grandparents met, my grandpa say my grandma for the very first time as a junior in high school when she made her way into a dance at the school in the 50’s. He told me that when he first saw her, he knew he had to have her. He walked over to her and asked her to dance and that was it. She loved his smile and the way she instantly felt comfortable in his arms. It was two years later that my father was born and the two would spent over 50 years with one another.

I have some buddies that meet women, not by sheer instinct but by simple means of smoke and mirrors. They meet someone and through the perfected act of bait and switch. Without divulging the secrets of my fellow-man, they get a woman interested and take control and on a whim can cut the strings, and it works. They metaphorically have a revolving door on their porch. Again, it works!

I then introduce myself into this equation. Though, far from perfect, I was brought up with the old school method of my grandparents, which seems today, by current philosophy, a bi gone era in itself. I have first hand seen how even slightly altering from the nice guy persona does seem to pull more towards success. Still there is a part of me that could not help but feel like a traitor to how I was brought up by chucking aside the nice guy persona and trading it in for the don’t give a damn attitude that works so flawlessly today.

I guess it is an issue of Skill vs. Will…just food for thought.

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