What you don’t know about this writer…

Head Above Water

I love writing, as you probably know by now. It is a passion that I strive for success in everyday. But I’ll open up about the life behind the writer, so to speak.

Things you probably did not know about L.B. Fox:

#1. I was not a planned child.

#2. My parents divorced when I was 2 years old.

#3. I lived in two different towns (as a young kid) with my mother.

#4. Lived with my dad from ages 10-14.

#5. I attended three different school districts.

#6. I talked about suicide during my 8th grade year.

#7. I ran away from home my freshman year.

#8. I lived in a two car garage with my mother and stepfather and slept on a mattress on a concrete floor.

#9. I went to school hungry.

#10. I lived with my mother again from ages 14 to 15.

#11. I lost my grandmother on my 14th birthday.

#12. I never had one girlfriend in high school.

#13. I became hooked on alcohol at age 20.

#14. I had a wreck that would have killed me, had I not been wearing my seatbelt.

#15. I’ve nearly lost all of my closest friends at this point.

#16. I dropped out of military basic training.

#17. I lost a job I absolutely loved.

#18. I then lost my home.

#19. I lost my mustang.

#20. I lost my perfect credit that took five years to earn the hard way.

#21. I lost both of my grandfathers at the same time period, one at Christmas, one at New Years

#22. I lost my second child.

#23. I watched my relationship with my mother crumble.

#24. I missed my youngest brothers early years.

#25. I watched my relationship with my father weaken.

#26. My children’s book series has been rejected by 47 agents.

#27. I filed for bankruptcy.

#28. I’ve been cheated on.

#29. I’ve been lied to.

#30. I’ve lived in my car.

#31. I’ve been divorced.

Our lives all have different hardships. To each one of us they are unique. They make us or break us into the people we are or will become. My life is one that I never take for granted! I can AND will make my dreams come true! You can’t let things or people kick you down. If you do then you can be held down permanently if you let it. I choose the path less traveled. I like being a tad bit different, it means I am not cutting myself from the same cloth as so many others. It is because of these things above that I have become who I have become. (Read my next post!)  

Song: Head Above Water

Artist: Theory of a Deadman

“Tryin’ to keep your head above water has never been harder,even when it feels hopeless, You’re gonna get through this, Head Above Water, gotta fight from going under, even when it feels useless to wish….you can get through this!”

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