As Christmas draws near, I am reminded daily that it will be my first holiday season single since 2001. I must say I am alright with that thinks in part to three amazing sons and some friends that have been great to me over 2011. As I sit at my computer I wonder a lot about my future and just who will be in it. If 2011 has taught me anything, it is that I can take the hits, I have too. I think we all have to in our own ways? I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss having a woman in my life, good or bad, we men need that social connection from the opposite sex. This time around, I find myself being particularly selective, not because there is simply no one knocking at my door where I live, but rather because I really have been a selective type of guy. I refuse to settle for someone simply because I am getting a slight bit lonely around the holidays. Since my separation early this year, I did ask two women out, and in both occasions I was met with less than mature responses to which I crack a smile and simply say “On and up”. I want mature, I want funny, I want responsible, I want sweet to look at, I want goal oriented, I want faithful, I want open and honest,I want a friend, a mom and (down the road) a wife. 

I can say that I learned more this year than I have in any years past. I learned just how resilient I was. I learned that I could live out of my car, I learned that I could finish my fourth novel. I learned I have a handful of great friends. I walk into 2012 with three amazing sons. Three young boys who fill me with hope and a fresh outlook. It is because of my sons that I can not and will not settle for the first thing to come along. They deserve better and so do I.

I am getting so tired, so it is time to hit the sack. But I will say, I will find that certain someone out there, I will sell my stories and they will be hits, my sons will be happy and so will I. And to that almighty thing we all call ‘Life’ I say, “I will wipe my blood away and live to fight another day…”


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