Tonight as I played around with Facebook, I came across a message from someone. As I read this message I felt my heart stop. For these words where honest, pure and from the heart. My very breath was taken away and I read the message what must have been a dozen times. If chance and serendipity lost their way, would it not be safe to say that they would have far too much in common to not find their way back to where they started from? That is the million dollar question as I send more interview material to Chicago for M,S&L.

Third Media Interview

Since completing Marky, Slash & Levy I have been honored to be interviewed by two newspapers. Both did wonderful articles for which I am eternally grateful. Today, I was asked for a third interview which turned out to be an amazing hour with a professional journalist. Due out next thursday in The Bridgeport (Illinois) Leader. Four more are slated by years end.

Here’s to making things work!!

The Completed Series

Tonight, as I print out the hard copy of Bk4, I stack it on top of Bk1, Bk2 & Bk3 and took out my New England Patriots tape measure and gave the series a look-see. At 3 1/4 inches thick, I am overwhelmed at what 1,000 pages looks like. I give my thanks to God and Jesus, they are the ones who have allowed me to write the series. CHEERS.

I am having some photos taken tomorrow for various newspapers. I hope the weather is good and things go well.

You know it is a great feeling when you know things are getting better. I’m healthy, my three sons are healthy, I have a job, a home and a life to use to its fullest. You know, we all have scars, but scars heal, that’s a great thing! So it is 1:02 a.m. and I have to be up in five hours. Off I go to sleep, here’s to wishing you all a great nights rest.