Confronting Quaker

As Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Zytor, Mutter, Whisper, Nazareth and the Heatseeker reach the entrance to Underwood they are met by a pack of Terrance Hounds who appear ready to stop them. It is then that Nazareth steps towards those he once led and warned them, should the wish to interfere with their quest. The Terrance Hounds make their way towards Nazareth and prepare to attack when Nazareth is joined by Whisper who warns that the pack will “not fight Nazareth alone”. She is followed by Mutter who stands with them, fists tightly clenched and ready for battle.

As the Terrance Hounds attack, Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Zytor and the Heatseeker race through the doorway and down the long stairwell leading into the underground cavern and the Doomsday Device. Once inside the cavern, they witness the Rockmites fighting the Mirrormites. They see the platform and with Marky, Slash and Levy at the front and Zytor and Reamy at the rear, they lead the Heatseeker through the battling armies. It is not long though, before Reamy and Zytor are overcome by a horde of Rockmites. With no time to help their friends, M,S&L reach the platform with the Heatseeker and are met by Quaker who  at their attempt to stop him. Quaker then draws a knife and warns them about trying to defeat him.

From nowhere, Reamy flies through the air and snatches the knife, leaving Quaker defenseless. It is then that Zytor marches out of the battle and stands between the Heatseeker and Quaker, warning him should he try to stop them. Quaker picks up a Rockmite sword that had been dropped and begins to attack Zytor. As they are battling, Raygard draws his sword and plans to use the moment to eliminate both Zytor and Quaker. His sword, however, is met by that of Captain ‘. They begin to battle side by side with Quaker and Zytor.

M,S&L are unsure of how to stop the Doomsday Device and look to the Heatseeker for answers. The Heatseeker places his hands upon the Stone of Lydia and tells them that it must be destroyed in order to reverse the effects of the Doomsday Device. He then pulls with all of his might to remove it from the legendary weapon.

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