Protect The Heatseeker

As the Heatseeker bring the Airrunner to the ground and to a crackling halt. Reamy and Mutter are overjoyed to see that it is Marky, Slash & Levy while, though happy Zytor and Whisper stand with simple smiles. Everyone is awestruck to stand before the Heatseeker.

Reamy, Mutter, Zytor and Whisper are in shock that Nazareth has accompanied them from Nightvania but quickly realize that the former leader of the Terrance Hounds has a considerable amount of fight left in him. A silence falls of the reunion but is quickly broken by the sounds of fighting, coming from the pit ahead.

Knowing that time is gone, the nine travelers race to the pit and discover Rockmites and Terrance Hounds fighting the Mirrormites. With no time to react everyone realizes that the Heatseeker must make it safely into the doorway ahead to destroy the Doomsday Device. With swords and batons drawn and heads lowered they began to race across the battlefield.

Marky and Levy ram many Rockmites hard enough to send them sailing a good distance while Nazareth is easily able to leap over whomever should get too close. With his sword swinging, Zytor begins to effectively redeem himself as he knocks Rockmites over one another. Mutter begins punching his way through as Whisper swings her baton, creating a loud humming sound as it sliced the air. As the Heatseeker battles a Rockmite, he is grabbed by a second, Whisper quickly comes to assist him and uses her baton to knock the Rockmite out cold, cause him to release his grip. Overhead, Reamy guides them towards the doorway, as they cannot see it from ground level amongst all of the fighting.

With all time spend, it is now a fight to the doorway in hopes of stopping Quaker

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