The Doomsday Device is Engaged

With the commands of the Heatseeker, M,S&L help the Airrunner reach the air and soar into the clouds. As they are climbing into the sky, Quaker surprises the two Mirrormite soldiers with the full force of Rockmites. Their leader, Raygard, snatches the Stone of Lydia from them and hands it to Quaker. With an evil grin, he places the stone atop the Doomsday Device, ultimately unleashing the Rockmite Civilization onto Mavenwood for the first time in generations.

The entire world scrambles either into battle ready or fear. Ebeneezer Hattious warns the Collective Council as they arm themselves to defend the Great Hall with their lives if necessary. Marky, Slash & Levy can only watch from the air as the Rockmites make their way out of the caverns of Underwood and begin to march across Mavenwood. The Heatseeker tells them that they will quickly reach Mortere Prairie.

As it is clear now, the battle can not be avoided, the hope of Mavenwood rests in the hands of The Heatseeker, and it is up to M,S&L to get him directly to the entrance leading to the Doomsday Device!

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