The Heatseeker Agrees!

As Captain Crig is planning to stop Quaker, he is informed by several soldiers that the ones sent to retrieve the Stone of Lydia have returned, but, have already made their way down towards Underwood and Quaker! Without hesitation, Captain Crig marched out of the tent and orders his soldiers to follow. When they reach the door to Underwood, the Captain asks for the support of his army as they change sides and descend down the stairs to fight the Rockmites and Quaker. It is a unanimous decision and the Mirrormite Army march down the long stairwell into battle.

Meanwhile, Marky, Slash & Levy await the decision of the Heatseeker. They begin to worry at how long things are taking, but soon the Heatseeker returns with the statement they had long hoped to hear, he was going to help save Mavenwood! He informs them that they must hurry if time is of the essence. The five race out of the cavern and over the mountain to a frozen lake. The Heatseeker draws his sword and cracks the ice. The entire ice shell shattered and falls into a concealed crater, revealing a large wooden ship with black sails. The Heatseeker calls this ship the Airrunner and explains it is the only vessel that can reach Mortere Prairie in time. They climb on board and notice that Nazareth has also followed.

Nazareth explains that “this washed up old leader can not stand by and watch others off into battle”. He says he will fight with his friends until the end. M,S&L are overcome with pride at this statement, but the moment is broken when the Heatseeker takes command of his ship and begins to call out assignments.

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