A Resume, An Infected Computer & A Determined Attitude

As I prepare for bed, I am the usual tired and worn out from the evening. I was happy to have my three sons for a couple of hours after work and spending time with them. I then sat down and completed a resume for a second job to help make more money. If I take this job, I will be working 70 hours a week! Crazy I know, but I need the money and with Christmas coming there is no question I am going to try for it.

My desktop computer that I am writing Bk4 on has a virus that keeps me from doing everything but write on it (I think that may be a sign). I write on it and use my laptop to get online and do the do. My goal: to finish Bk4 and have the virus removed. Easier said than done giving the fact that every deadline I set for myself is broken because I just keep getting deeper into the climax, not a doubt that this month is the end.

I want to end my night with six little words: I can, I will, I shall…

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