A Mirrormite Shocker

As Mavenwood prepares for a battle with Quaker, Captain Crig and The entire Mirrormite Army are planning for something shocking…the very same thing! After slowly realizing that the Rockmites can not be trusted and that Quaker has lost all sense of reality, the Captain declares a separation from Quaker and refuses to aid his quest any further. The tired Mirrormite Army agrees that the violence has been for nothing but utter ruin and that this battle will be a complete loss for the entire world.

Captain Crig informs his army that when the Stone of Lydia reaches camp, they will force Quakers hand by not turning it over, rather forcing him to stop his continuation with the Doomsday Device.

Just as the once fearless Lord Zytor was now fighting on the side of good, the next most shocking event was to happen, the Mirrormite Army would follow suit and switch sides before battle erupts.

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