Mavenwood Prepares For Battle

 After hearing news that a third opening has formed near the Hills of Gainstorm the Collective Council fears the worst may be at hand and hurries preparations along. Ebeneezer Hattious, being trapped inside the palace in part, due to the palace lockdown leaves to assist the Guards of Ira fortify the palace walls.

Princess Cimerron leads the Powder Trolls out of their community which sit next to an opening and towards the next community which has no opening anywhere near it. It is her hope to better defend themselves if farther away from the Rockmites entrance.

Kristo informs the full fleet of Mort Guards as to the situation and lets them know that Marky, Slash & Levy are in search of the Heatseeker. In case M,S&L are not successful, Kristo orders the guard to the armory and deploys them across the city’s boundary.

Artimus T. Cook, of the Crackers, in the Woods of Hationstare, as well as, Latos, the elder of the Scats in the land of Hyden, each help others place belonging high into the trees of their regions, hoping that it will be much harder for the Rockmites to reach them.

Nelty and Kelso continue to help older Artogs place belongings in their homes within the city of Artonia.

As M,S&L await an answer from the Heatseeker, Mavenwood prepares for battle.

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