The Heatseeker Ponders While Ebeneezer Warns

Marky, Slash & Levy finish making their case to the Heatseeker, who is teetering towards helping them stop Quaker. However, the Heatseeker is not at all committed to the cause but is taken aback by the thoughts that there are other creatures who are the sole survivors of their kind that are aiding the forces against Quaker.

Instead of hearing the words they had hoped for, M,S&L hear the Heatseeker ask for time to return to his throne and ponder this gripping news. Anxious, M,S&L are about to speak when they are cut off by Nazareth, who agrees to wait. He explains that this a major moment and that if pushed against his will, the Heatseeker could very well refuse to assist the three travelers.

As they wait, the Collective Council is preparing for battle against the Quaker. As the council watches from the top deck of the palace, Ebeneezer Hattious, who has long since arrived to the palace, warns the members that there are three caverns in or around the Hills of Gainstorm. This news only heightens the preparation.

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