I’m exhausted but damn I feel good!

I write tonight as the midnight hour looms near, I am barely able to keep my head up. My eyes are twitching from the busy day and the desire for rest. Work lasted from 7a.m. to 5p.m. (as always) and (as I always enjoy doing) I took my three-year old to school on my lunch hour. Then right after work I pick up my oldest son for a cub scout meeting and race out-of-town to pick up a friend of his (also a scout) and race back to town in half and hour to make the meeting at the local barber’s flag pole to discuss the United States flag.

After the meeting (which lasted thirty minutes) I ran my son’s friend back home before going to Wal-mart to buy something for me to eat for supper. Since I live on a slim budget (usually dinner that I can fix for under three dollars) I grabbed a can of Spaghetti O’s and head for home with my son who is spending the night.

We arrive home and ate dinner (I bought him chicken and potato wedges). Father and son then set out at 8 o’clock to paint my bedroom closet before I put a T.V. inside on a shelf so my oldest son can watch cartoons while his younger brothers watch Nick Jr. (I love that channel). By 9:30 p.m. we finished coat #1 and get our showers in.

Then it was time to sit and write while my little boy went to sleep. Tonight I made it to page 240 and could not be more thrilled. I thought I would have wrapped the story by now but find myself deep int the storyline and I can honestly say I am on edge as the battle for Mavenwood looms on the brink!

I’m truly exhausted, but I am so proud to have the story I am about to finish. Between a 50 hour work week, cub scouts, writing, trying to see my sons more than on the weekends (which has happen lately) and working odd jobs for family on the weekend to earn extra money leaves me near empty, but to finish this series and realize its completion, I know, will pay off in the end! 

I can, and will make it!!

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