Levy explains to the Heatseeker

As Marky, Slash & Levy begin to speak to the Heatseeker, He tells the three friends that he does not wish to get involved with matters that concern others in Mavenwood. He tells them that he is the last of his kind and his will would have little effect on the many others who live in Mavenwood.

It is then that Levy, who is normally the last to speak up against something, begins to explain that the Heatseeker cannot simply sit back and do nothing, that the Rockmites will not rest until every corner of Mavenwood is taken over, the Heatseeker included. The idea of being attacked while having nothing to do with Quakers battle, did not sit well with the Heatseeker. Still, he explains that he has not one idea how to stop the Doomsday Device, having never seen it. He then starts telling M,S&L again, that he is the last of his kind and feels there is little he can offer.

Marky and Slash then join Levy’s determination and begin to explain how there are others in Mavenwood who are the last of their kind and they are joining the fight to save Mavenwood.

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