The End.

Two nights ago, I put the final period on Book #4, Marky, Slash & Levy: Search For The Heatseeker. I had tears running down my face at 1 o’clock in the morning. It was eight years, four books and one thousand pages of trial by fire. I think back on the day I started on Book #1, The Adventures Of Marky, Slash & Levy. My son, Lynden, who is now eight, was asleep in his crib as I was close by on the computer writing page one. I could not be any more honored to be here, years later, and writing not one but four books in the series, (LOL, five books if you count my 40 Page book, Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville).

There is no camera crew watching me finish, there is no big premier to run to, no major newspaper, desperate for my fight to the finish story of highs and lows. Just one single dad with a 50 hour a week job putting the last period on a major part of his life. Here is to Marky, Slash & Levy, CHEERS!


As Zytor battles with Quaker and Captain Crig battles with Raygard, the Heatseeker places his hands on the Stone of Lydia and begins to pull with all of his might. The stone begins to crack, and without warning, it explodes, filling the cavern with dust so thick, no one can see.

All across Mavenwood, the Rockmites turn to dust and are scattered through the air. From Artonia to Hyden Mavenwood celebrates. Underground the dust settles to find the Rockmites gone. Quaker, laying on the ground at the end of Zytor’s sword, laughs uncontrollably, losing all sense of reality. The Doomsday Device crumbles and falls to the ground in a heap of ruble.

The victors would return to the Palace of the Collective Council and stand inside a jam-packed Great Hall as the council bestows honor and reward on the warriors who had fought so bravely. It is first noted that Quaker has gone mad and therefore had to be permanently locked up for his own safety.

Reamy is thanked for all of his bravery, in defending Creek Cave and the Great Hall. Reamy is overwhelmed by such mention but humbly stands watch, as a Knight of Zeste Dore’ but thanks the council for there honor.

Nazareth is then thanked and asked to return to Nightvania as the new leader of the Terrance Hounds. He thanks the council and accepts his once held position.

The council then announces that the ruined city of Tormor will now be the home of Grainger, who attempted to stop the three Mirrormite soldiers from stealing the Stone of Lydia in the first place. Surrounding the city in Mortere Prairie, the Mirormite Army, for their change of heart, are given the land to call their own in return for no further conquests.

Mutter and Kelso are each given the Medal of Mavenwood, the highest honor to be bestowed on any living member of Mavenwood. The medals symbolize the highest ranking warriors in the world. Mutter is given the medal from the Scat Elder, Latos while Kelso is given his medal by the Powder Troll leader, Princess Cimerron.

Then Kristo emerges and places a medal around Nelty’s neck and asks for forgiveness for his banishment. Nelty accepts and is welcomed home as the bravest Mort to ever live.

Lord Timberknot then enters to place the medal around the neck of his own daughter, Whisper. With tears in his eyes he apologizes for not seeing her bravery and proclaims her to be the bravest Sundrie alive. He then asks the Collective Council allow the once isolated Sundries to become friends to the rest of the world. The council gratefully accepts.

Lord Zytor and Captain Crig are called forward. They are reminded of their offenses against Mavenwood and the destruction they had each help create. They are then told that because of their change of hearts and their struggle to safe Mavenwood, their past shall be stricken from record. Because of their bravery, they are each offered the two vacant positions on the Knights of Zeste Dore’, they accept and take their places opposite Crete and Reamy. Zytor is then told that he may return to the city of Artonia and talk with High Priest Frost in efforts to restore their friendship.

The Heatseeker is then thanked above all others for his willingness to save the world. He takes this honor humbly. He is then offered the vacant seat, left by his ancestors on the council. He gladly accepts and takes his place amongst the council.

Marky, Slash & Levy are then given medals and told that their friendship, not the Doomsday Device, was the strongest weapon in the battle for Mavenwood. The three friends bow out of respect and agree to one another that their friendship shall last forever.

In the battle of Good Vs. Evil, true friendship saved the hour and garnered the VICTORY!   


One more night…

Right now I am overcome with so much emotion! In one more evening of writing, Book #4 will be finished! I have a tear running down my face as I blog, I can’t help but feel this one has earned it’s right to fall. I’ll finish on Friday night and then the water works will flow. Eight years have come to one more night (a couple hours)! I’m sorry but right now that is all I can say right now. I’ll end the night with a quote from a song that says it all.

“There’s always gonna be another mountain. I’m ALWAYS gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be an uphill battle. Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose. It ain’t about how fast I get there. It ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side: IT’S THE CLIMB!”

Confronting Quaker

As Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Zytor, Mutter, Whisper, Nazareth and the Heatseeker reach the entrance to Underwood they are met by a pack of Terrance Hounds who appear ready to stop them. It is then that Nazareth steps towards those he once led and warned them, should the wish to interfere with their quest. The Terrance Hounds make their way towards Nazareth and prepare to attack when Nazareth is joined by Whisper who warns that the pack will “not fight Nazareth alone”. She is followed by Mutter who stands with them, fists tightly clenched and ready for battle.

As the Terrance Hounds attack, Marky, Slash, Levy, Reamy, Zytor and the Heatseeker race through the doorway and down the long stairwell leading into the underground cavern and the Doomsday Device. Once inside the cavern, they witness the Rockmites fighting the Mirrormites. They see the platform and with Marky, Slash and Levy at the front and Zytor and Reamy at the rear, they lead the Heatseeker through the battling armies. It is not long though, before Reamy and Zytor are overcome by a horde of Rockmites. With no time to help their friends, M,S&L reach the platform with the Heatseeker and are met by Quaker who  at their attempt to stop him. Quaker then draws a knife and warns them about trying to defeat him.

From nowhere, Reamy flies through the air and snatches the knife, leaving Quaker defenseless. It is then that Zytor marches out of the battle and stands between the Heatseeker and Quaker, warning him should he try to stop them. Quaker picks up a Rockmite sword that had been dropped and begins to attack Zytor. As they are battling, Raygard draws his sword and plans to use the moment to eliminate both Zytor and Quaker. His sword, however, is met by that of Captain ‘. They begin to battle side by side with Quaker and Zytor.

M,S&L are unsure of how to stop the Doomsday Device and look to the Heatseeker for answers. The Heatseeker places his hands upon the Stone of Lydia and tells them that it must be destroyed in order to reverse the effects of the Doomsday Device. He then pulls with all of his might to remove it from the legendary weapon.

So Far So Good

I have to say that right now I am completely worn out, both mentally and physically. And yet, at the very same time, I am running on adrenaline and I could not feel better about a lot of things in my life. I have three wonderful sons who have kept me jumping hoops and taking pictures like crazy! I love my three sons dearly! I’m working on painting my entire house, (alright, all four rooms of it), LOL. I am kickin’ things into high gear as a third year den leader for Cub Scouts and also keeping my fingers crossed for good news regarding a second job. Lastly, I am proud to note that within just a few more days I will complete Bk4 and close the chapter on Marky, Slash & Levy. I have so much to be grateful for that it outweighs everything else!

On a different note, I have been asked three times this past week, “Are ya seeing anyone?” Combined with my cousin getting married over a month ago, a good friend marrying last month and another getting ‘hitched’ this month, I say “No I’m not”. Time gives a person a lot of room for thought and to be truthful, what I want in someone else is not something I will ever be settling for. I know there is someone out there, however, I want what I want and would be foolish to try to pin it down on some sort of time frame. I’ll know it whenever that time does come, until then, I am happy for my friends and family who have recently had their funerals (aka weddings) and wish them all the very best. As for me, I am about to finish an eight year labor of love and that is good enough for me…

Protect The Heatseeker

As the Heatseeker bring the Airrunner to the ground and to a crackling halt. Reamy and Mutter are overjoyed to see that it is Marky, Slash & Levy while, though happy Zytor and Whisper stand with simple smiles. Everyone is awestruck to stand before the Heatseeker.

Reamy, Mutter, Zytor and Whisper are in shock that Nazareth has accompanied them from Nightvania but quickly realize that the former leader of the Terrance Hounds has a considerable amount of fight left in him. A silence falls of the reunion but is quickly broken by the sounds of fighting, coming from the pit ahead.

Knowing that time is gone, the nine travelers race to the pit and discover Rockmites and Terrance Hounds fighting the Mirrormites. With no time to react everyone realizes that the Heatseeker must make it safely into the doorway ahead to destroy the Doomsday Device. With swords and batons drawn and heads lowered they began to race across the battlefield.

Marky and Levy ram many Rockmites hard enough to send them sailing a good distance while Nazareth is easily able to leap over whomever should get too close. With his sword swinging, Zytor begins to effectively redeem himself as he knocks Rockmites over one another. Mutter begins punching his way through as Whisper swings her baton, creating a loud humming sound as it sliced the air. As the Heatseeker battles a Rockmite, he is grabbed by a second, Whisper quickly comes to assist him and uses her baton to knock the Rockmite out cold, cause him to release his grip. Overhead, Reamy guides them towards the doorway, as they cannot see it from ground level amongst all of the fighting.

With all time spend, it is now a fight to the doorway in hopes of stopping Quaker

One Of My Last Midnights

It’s 12:30 in the morning, I have to be to work in less than seven hours. I could really care less right now as I sit here at my desk and realize that there will not be very many more of these hours left for Marky, Slash, Levy & myself. The entire series has been known as a ‘Midnight Series’ since 90% of it has been written around the top of the nighttime. As the climax draws near, I am overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of it being complete. I have come so used to writing this late, that things will feel different soon enough. I am ready to begin another project, one that will require much more daylight to put together. I have a series to complete first, however, and it will be just that within days.

Family Reading Night @ BGS

After a long day at work, I found myself having a wonderful and educational evening with my oldest son. His school had their annual Family Reading Night. The theme was The Wizard of Oz and it was fun going to different rooms in the school and hearing about different stories ranging from tornadoes to scarecrows. We decorated cookies and I watched as the children danced to music and had simply, a great time! I was very impressed to see the teachers getting fully into the evening and making it something that their students will remember for a very long time. It was a night well spent by father and son!

I then came home to a couple of hours in front of my computer putting out five more pages. I have now begun writing about the climactic battle I have only pictured in my head for the past four years. As with most story book battles, it means the end is drawing near. It’s full throttle from here on out…I LOVE IT!!