Marky, Slash & Levy Meet The Heatseeker!

As soon as dawn breaks, Nazareth leads Marky, Slash & Levy across a glacier as they make their way to meet the Heatseeker. After some time, the three friends feel a strange curiosity come over them as they walk. Nazareth explains it is because they had been on this very glacier once before. He explains that M,S&L used this glacier to make their impossible escape from the Terrance Hounds in what seems like so long ago.

It would take some time, but Nazareth would lead them to the end of a glacier and the beginning of a large, snow-covered valley would begin. In the side of the mountain is a cave. Before Nazareth allows M,S&L to enter, he explains that the Heatseeker has not seen many creatures in a very long time and will not warm to the idea of returning to the Doomsday Device with them. Undetoured, M,S&L and Nazareth enter the cave to find a large, one room cavern with an enormous fire burning in the center, keeping the cavern at a comfortable temperature. Beyond the fire is a set of jagged steps leading to a throne that was carved from the heart of the mountain.

In that throne sits the Heatseeker, who acknowledges Nazareth and makes his way down the stairs and towards M,S&L. They notice his tall, slender stature and how his frost white hair resembled Zytors, but shorter. From his fur covered boots and gloves to his metal helmet upon his head, it was clear that the Heatseeker was a creature who had seen his fair share of challenging times. The only question now was, would he be willing to tackle the greatest challenges of them all?

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