What else can I possibly say…

As I draw even closer to finishing Marky, Slash & Levy the happiness that fills me is unmeasurable. I cannot believe that I will soon be finished with this labor of love and look myself in the mirror with a smile and a “Job well done”! I know that with what I have done is something that my sons will always remember and it is my hope that when they become adults they will remember my success and use that to remind them that (to quote ‘Rocky Balboa’) “ain’t nothing over till it’s over”. 1,000 pages, I never could have believed it. Though it might not be exactly to 1,000 (not sure yet with the way things are going) to basically be there is a feeling that I will never forget. Eight years ago there was nothing but blank pages and incomplete thoughts and now there is Marky, Slash & Levy, there is Mavenwood and there is the bond between three friends will never be torn apart.

I had hoped to finish by October 1st but I do not see that as a possibility as the story is going deeper and becoming more emotional as the confrontation between good and evil comes to a head. That is what I love about writing!!!

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