Frost Orders Artonia Lockdown

As Nelty and Kelso finish explaining just what Quaker’s intentions are, High Priest Frost explains that he must place the entire city on lockdown and place the full force of the guard on alert and watch. He apologizes to Nelty and Kelso but explains that he must leave to warn the city. He invites them to stay, but when Nelty and Kelso explain they are quickly leaving to return to their friends, he wishes them a safe venture.

Nelty and Kelso make their way back out into the cold winds and find their way down the mountain and run into Polar and Chill, who are hurrying to brings things inside a small shack carved from the mountain. When they approach, Polar asks if the events he had heard of are true. Nelty and Kelso reply, “Yes”!  It is Chill that comes out, with high hopes that the two travelers are staying to help prepare. Polar explains to his son that the two are leaving to aid their friends.

The innocent look upon Chill’s face amongst the surrounding chaos touches both Nelty and Kelso. The two look and one another and then to Chill and reply “No, we’re not leaving”. Their willingness to stay touches Polar as he declares them to be more courageous. Together, the four begin to carry furs into the shack.

Nelty and Kelso could not stop thinking about Marky, Slash & Levy, hoping they would be successful in locating the Heatseeker. Little did they know that the three friends were already on the move, behind Nazareth, they were on their way to meet the Heatseeker!

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