Nelty and Kelso meet High Priest Frost

Nelty and Kelso follow two Artog Guards up the long, icy, snow-covered stairs which led up the mountainside and to the Ice Palace, home of High Priest Frost. They were happy to enter the palace and leave the blustery cold wind outside. They were led down a hallway and into what was known as The Gathering Room to await High Priest Frost, who made his appearance in a very short amount of time.

High Priest Frost smiled at Nelty and Kelso and asked how he could help the two travelers. They each took turns explaining the horrible events that were unfolding and informed him of how Quaker planned to unleash the Rockmites onto the world. They continued on until the mention of Zytor’s name. High Priest Frost cannot believe his ears when he hears the banished Artog had been resurrected from the Embarrass River and had joined the forces of good to stop Quaker. With such news, he orders an immediate lock down of the city, no one in or out until they learn of Marky, Slash & Levy’s success or failure.

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