If Only

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that recently I have begun thinking about finding someone else to share my time with. I can say that though I am beginning to think of the possibility of someone else, I wonder, is what I really want even around here? I am doubtful, which leaves me with simply living life and leaving it to fate it someone will come along. Things should never be rushed, though it is difficult when your friends are married and you come home at night to a goldfish named ‘Fishy”. I was asked two nights ago about what I wanted and my listed was highly detailed. Smart, funny, self driven, compassionate, loving, cute, motherly, a great friend, organized (controlled chaos is preferred) and isn’t afraid to just be herself, oh yeah and committed to making things work. If only that were as easy to find as it was to say and now write.

I have three wonderful sons who give me my fulfillment in life. With smiles, hugs and kisses a dad could not ask for anything more! I recently had photos of my sons and I am I must say they turned out wonderful!

As for my writing, tonight Bk4 officially became the largest book of the series. Talk about going out with a bang! Only a couple of weeks to go and I will be finished. I had hoped to finish my the end of the month but with some scenes changing as I was writing I don’t think it will come to be.

All I can say is that life is good, and I am standing tall! Bring it, I can handle it…

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