Nelty & Kelso Reach Artonia

As Marky, Slash & Levy attempt to sleep before meeting the Heatseeker, Nelty and Kelso reach the ice gates of Artonia with the help of Polar and Chill. As they reach the city, they find that the once wide open gates are almost completely closed and the opening blocked by four Artog soldiers. Polar stops his sled and asks what it happening. The lead soldier explains that yet another large opening has surfaced farther off past the city walls and that High Priest Frost has ordered the heightened alert as a precaution.

Nelty and Kelso explain that they have an answer for the information and that they come from the Collective Council with that information for High Priest Frost.

After some deliberation, the soldiers rush Polar and the others inside. As the four climb of the sled, the solders inform Polar that they will escort Nelty and Kelso up the mountain to see High Priest Frost. Worried, Polar asks Nelty and Kelso what they know. Nelty then looks a Chill and asks Polar to remain inside the cities walls for safety. Kelso then lets him know that as soon as they speak with High Priest Frost, they will let him know everything. Without hesitation, two of the soldiers lead Nelty and Kelso towards a long set of ice stairs that lead up the mountain to the Lair of High Priest Frost.

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