The Return of Nazareth

Marky, Slash & Levy make shelter inside a cave, carved out of an ice-covered mountain. Slash builds a fire as Marky and Levy watch the entrance for any sings of Terrance Hounds following them. Once the cost is clear, the two rejoin their friend by the fire. For a long time they say nothing, only staring at the fire before them and noticing how the fire seems to burn so calmly, despite the chaos brewing outside the cave. Marky then mentions how quiet it had been since they entered the land of Nightvania. Slash explains that he has not seen a Terrance Hound yet. Levy then comments that it is as if they had left.

Then from behind them, a familiar voice replies, “because the have”. The three friends turn around to see Nazareth, the former leader of the Terrance Hounds and their friend, entering from the cold outside. Nazareth informs Marky, Slash & Levy that the Terrance Hounds have joined Quaker and were on their way to Moretere Prairie to fight with the Rockmites.

When asked about knowing the situation, Nazareth explains that every leader of the Terrance Hounds is given the gift of foresight. He goes on to tell the three friends that he can see a future with the forces of good being victorious and also a world were the Rockmites rule all again for the second time. He then explains that he knows why the three of them are in Nightvania.

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