By Lantern Light

As Nelty and Kelso walk in the deep snow of the Artic Region, they meet Polar, the kind Artog who had helped Marky, Slash & Levy in the past. They inform Polar that they are in desperate need of reaching the city of Artonia. Once there, they will seek out High Priest Frost. Polar takes Nelty and Kelso back to his sled where they are greeted by his son, Chill, who greets them with a smile. The younger Artog is excited to be on the sled during the night and becomes filled with joy to meet a Mort and a Powder Troll.

Nelty and Kelso climb out of the snow and onto soft furs which cover the deck of the sled. They make themselves comfortable as Polar cracks a small whip and the sled takes off. Nelty and Kelso notice that the animals pulling the sled look like Terrance Hounds and asks how Polar trained them to pull a sled since he had heard that Terrance Hounds, from the land of Nightvania, could not be tamed. Polar explains that these were from the same family as Terrance Hounds, but these hounds were known as White Coats, pertaining to their white fur, and they hailed from the Cold Climate Region and in fact were very friendly.

Polar then begins to explain how he had also, in the past had come across Marky, Slash & Levy in the snow, while too, trying to reach Artonia. Nelty explains that they were their friends and they too were out traveling. Nelty did not go into further detail, for fear of frightening Chill. Polar began explain how he had met Marky, Slash & Levy when he noticed that Nelty and Kelso had quickly fallen asleep, curled up comfortably on the furs.

By the light of an old lantern which hung on an old hook that was mounted to the side of the sled, the four made their way through the dark, on their way to Artonia.

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