Stranger at Dusk

As Nelty and Kelso make their way across the Cold Climate Region they hear a sound heading their way. Neither can make out the sound but notice that it is heading right towards them. They first think of running to escape, however, being waist deep in snow, their chance of escape were slim at best. They stood their ground, ready to defend themselves if need be.

Just as the sound was upon them, five white hounds pulling a brown wooden sled race by the two travelers. So fast in fact, Nelty and Kelso fall backwards into the snow. With only their heads stick out of the snow, they listen to hear an older voice yell “Whoa”, followed by a younger voice yell the same. All they could do was watch as a lantern was lit in the not too far distance and begin to make its way towards them.

As the shadowy figure drew close enough Nelty and Kelso could see the figure and though they did not know this Artog, Marky, Slash & Levy sure would have. It was their old friend Polar, who had helped the three friends reach the city of Artonia long before. Surprised, Polar asks if the two travelers are lost and more importantly cold. It is then that Nelty and Kelso realized that no harm would come to them.

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