Tired of feeling this way

A vacation is supposed to be a time for relaxation and enjoyment. You know, do the things you want to do? Yet with Thursday almost gone and only three days left, I have found little relaxation but four days with thoughts about my writing and how every road seems to be hindered. I have recently thought about taking Marky, Slash & Levy to independent publishing house in hopes of garnering some attention. After eight hours of searching, writing and making calls I feel like a wounded warrior standing alone on a battlefield. Out of breathe, exhausted, morally beaten to a pulp and emotionally distraught, I am scrounging to bring my three created friends to the attention of anyone.

Then I remember when I first started writing and how all I wanted to do was write. Little could I have known what would lay ahead in the next eight years but writing is what I have done my very best to do! I have never wanted to make millions, I’m not sure if I could ever deal with that much, I just want to do for my sons when they need things from me. I have always wanted to be poor doing something I love than be rich doing something I hate (or in my case, being poor doing something I tolerate).

Should I just let Publish America have Bks 3&4 and be happy to at the very least, have published works even if they are not from a well-respected publishing house? Should I keep slowly trying to muddle through hoping an agent that I have not already written to will like the series?

Marky, Slash & Levy are great characters and great friends! I have given eight years to creating their world and their struggle. I am proud to write, some only dream of doing what I have done and that makes me humble, simply being allowed to do just that. If I do let Publish America have Bks 3&4, then what? I know I will continue writing, I will also start on a picture book I have been thinking of for some time. Then there is the thought of writing a story about a young man and his struggle to follow his dreams to the very end.

True to my three characters, I want to make the right decision, but which one is it?

One thought on “Tired of feeling this way

  1. I will never stop writing! I love creating something from nothing! It is the publishing world, they make things near impossible anymore! As a writer you put your very best out there and then have to leave it in the hands of what one other person thinks, it just gets mind blowing sometimes. No matter how hard it ever got, I don’t ever see myself being anything but a writer! Thank you for reading!

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