Protect the Heart

Have any of you ever had to walk away from something wonderful? Tonight I did! I walked away from an amazing woman because of my own personal fear that I am gonna get hurt. I sat at my computer and took her off of my Facebook page so that I won’t see her face and be pulled at the heart to keep up the good fight. I deleted her number off of my phone to make sure that I don’t try to text her, I know I would in a few days.

I know my children will never hurt me, I know my writing will always be true (because I wrote it), and I will always have the dream of selling Marky, Slash & Levy somewhere, somehow and at the very least not living payday to payday.

I wonder a lot, how come bad guys can come along and kill a good heart and when a good guy comes along looking for that very thing, it is the toughest row to hoe? She made me just a little bit better of a person. One or two might disagree but that is how I see it. I’ll be alright, I don’t know any other way. Time to wrap this book up this month and enjoy my victory!

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