The Good and The Bad

After a fun and playful weekend with my three sons, I have entered a week of vacation from my ‘paying’ work. Ever notice how a vacation can’t get here soon enough, but when it does you always feel like you just made it in time? My first day I did very little, my laundry and taking two of my sons to school. I kind of went at my own pace today, which felt so relieving, not having to get back to my ‘paying’ work on time or having no time to take this here or do that there. Vacation always reminds me that there is so much more to life then the daily grind.

It is with this thought I have to say that there is someone I know who says she has an overload of chaos running through her mind as of this moment.  All I can do is wish I could be there! She is such an amazing, thoughtful, good-hearted and beautiful person, it hurts me that all I can do is stand to the side and watch. Truthfully, I like this person, if you read my blog you know exactly how I feel and why. I finish tonight with a question for you, my readers, Why do the bad guys have to make the road to a womans heart so hard for us good guys?

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