Page 200 (for the last time)

I can remember eight years ago as I was writing Bk1, The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy, and hitting page 200 for the first time. I could not believe that, for years, I had been telling myself that I wanted to write a book and with the birth of my first son, who is now eight years old, I had been doing just that! I was grinning from ear to ear at my little feat with pride. I had created a world from absolutely nothing. I turned 200 pages of blank voids into lives, characters, struggles and friendships. It is a true saying amongst authors, your work takes on a life of its own once you give birth to it.

It was 200 pages of late nights in between rocking a sweet little baby boy back to sleep before going at it again, sometimes until 2 a.m. in the morning. When so many people hope to write a book in their lifetime, I had actually done it!

The second occasion hit me during a rough and tumble point in my life. My ex-wife and I were raising our son in government housing with a couple of roaches and even less money to go around. I remember her and our son sleeping soundly, listening to someone in the apartment building next door blaring loud music. Thankfully the music did stop and I sat in my very hard wood chair at a makeshift table that was barely big enough to sit my computer on, let alone write on as well and thought about how what was once going to be one single story had turned into 400 pages of a series. Things continued to be rough and as I finished Bk2: The Return of Marky, Slash & Levy, it would be one full year before I could focus enough to sit down again to start on what would be Bk3: Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device.

Page 600 came at a time I surely did not expect. My ex-wife, our now five-year old son, newborn son and I lived in a small house in town that in the winter time was so cold, we would not let the boys play on the floor without throwing a ton of blankets down first. With a new furnace set as high as it would go, we were sick a lot thanks to the drafty old house. I remember having a blanket wrapped around me sitting in yet another uncomfortable chair, only this time it was at a much larger desk. The desk was made of metal which added to the chill in the house. The last momentous occasion on my old computer before it locked up was bittersweet. 600 pages stored on it before it crash, I guess you can say that it went out with its (re)boots on!

Flash forward to Bk4: Marky, Slash & Levy: Search for the Heatseeker, which began in a little room at my brother’s house last year. I now have hit that ominous mark yet again, only this time it will be for the last time with Marky, Slash & Levy. Bk4 has become the testimate to the series as a symbol of resilient determination. It marks 800 pages of hard times, bad luck, loves and losses. This 200 is all about reflection over the last eight years and how each one has meant so very much to me.

One occasion remains now…that last period for the fourth and final time. Almost with a tear in my I, I know that it is coming!

2 thoughts on “Page 200 (for the last time)

    • The only problem is, there isnt enough room to have it in my room right now. So, it is at my other desk until I move into a bigger place! But yes, thank you for a MUCH more comfortable chair!

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