Near Imprisonment

As Reamy and Zytor are confronted by Dulgry and the Mort guards, they are placed under arrest when it is discovered who Zytor is (or was so to speak). It is believed that Reamy, who is traveling with Zytor, must be an accomplice of some kind.

Reamy and Zytor prepare to fight their way to the palace if they must, but just before the guards place a hand on them, Reamy tells Dulgry that he and Zytor have urgent news direct from the Collective Council. Dulgry halts the imprisonment and decides to take the two travelers, heavily guarded, up the hill to Kristo’s palace. Their he will let Kristo himself decide their fate.

Once inside the candlelit palace, Dulgry warns Reamy and Zytor of the implications, should they try to escape. Zytor replies that they have no intention of doing so. Dulgry then agrees to alert Kristo of their presence and will return shortly. Reamy and Zytor wait impatiently in the silence for Dulgry to return with Kristo.

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