Dulgry Apologizes

After meeting Kristo, Reamy and Zytor explain the entire event at hand. Kristo is concerned but still skeptical. Reamy then asks him about any open caverns that have formed within the past few days. Kristo and Dulgry then show the two travelers to the observation deck of the palace. There, they see an all to familiar opening. Zytor explains that the Rockmites will march out of those caverns all over Mavenwood and take over anything in their path.

Kristo hears enough to believe what he has been hearing. Dulgry walks over to Reamy and Zytor and apologizes for their near imprisonment. He explains that the entire city has been on edge since the discovery of the cavern. It is then that Kristo asks what the city of Vitaire can do to aid against the forces of evil.

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