Confronting Kristo

Reamy and Zytor stand in the silent foyer of Kristo’s palace, awaiting for Dulgry to return with the Mort elder. After a short time he does, all the while, informing Kristo about the arrival of the two travelers and that one of them is Zytor. Once before the two travelers. Kristo politely asks why they have come seeking him. Reamy explains that they come on behalf of the Collective Council. Kristo immediately asks the two to walk the candle lit hallways with him and explain.

With Dulgry following behind the three in cause a threat to Kristo should arise, Reamy begins to explain the discovery of the Doomsday Device and Quakers plans to unleash the Rockmite civilization upon Mavenwood. At first Kristo merely ponders such talk. Reamy then explains that they have, in fact, seen the Doomsday Device with their very own eyes. Kristo’s polite smile turns into a serious frown. He asks how anyone can know if Quaker is even capable of operating the Doomsday Device. All eyes turn to Zytor for the answer.

“Because I am the one who set all of this into motion,” Zytor explains.

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