Reamy and Zytor Confront the Morts

Upon entering the City of Vitaire, Reamy and Zytor are watched very closely by every Mort they come across. At the foot of the hill which lead up to the castle of the elder, Kristo. Reamy and Zytor are met by Dulgry and the mort guards. Duglry asks the names of the two travelers. Reamy gives his name followed by silence. Dulgry politely asks for Zytor’s name. Zytor then gives his name and a ripple of fear travels across the city. Dulgry then orders the arrest of Reamy and Zytor when it is learned that Zytor was the controller of the Dark Plague of Tormor. It is then, that Reamy states that they have been sent by the Collective Council. A silence then falls over the crowd.

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