Day Turned Good

I woke this morning with an empty feeling, here it was Labor Day and I had no plans what so ever. I climbed out of bed, took a shower and then sat at my desk. Then I received a phone call from my mother who lives 100 miles away in Kentucky, she asked what I was doing for Labor Day and I informed her that my plans were nill and that my day would probably be spent alone in front of my computer writing. She then invited me to drive down to her home and have a cookout with her, my step dad and youngest brother.

It sounded like a great idea, you know, to get away and forget everything for five or six hours. Then I remembered that though I had just gotten paid this past Friday, I now only had five dollars to my name and little gas in my car. Plus, I had to conserve my gas to make sure that some very special boys got picked up after school on all four days of the week that was left. I had to decline and began to set myself up for a date with Marky, Slash & Levy.

After about an hour, my phone rang again. It was my mom. She said she did not like the idea of me being alone on one of my few days off with no party or cookout to attend. So she drove the 100 miles up to me! We went out and had a cheap and simple lunch (which we both agreed was horrible) and just talked. See, the truth is that until this past April, I had not spoken to my mother in over five years! We were complete strangers who had just recently began to know one another again.

To add to my story, I got a call during lunch from my very best friend, inviting me seven miles to his house for a fun day of work. Funny I know but is it not true that when work is done with good friends, it ceases to become work and is merely a good time had by all? Being that I was at lunch and spending rare time with my mom, I declined on the rarest of occasions.

After our visit, my mother returned home and I picked my three sons up for a fun four-hour visit. I capped off really great Labor Day.

I went from thinking I would have nothing to do, to being though of by my mother and best friend and ending it with three wonderful boys. I think that about says it all. I wish tonight with a little writing and noticed I am only three pages from hitting Page 200. What a feat! This will mark the fourth (and final) time I reach this pinnacle in the Marky, Slash & Levy series!

Great Day!

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