Chaos Grows

As Mutter and Whisper race through the crowd on their way to the palace gates, many in the crowd witness their concern and began to alert others. The crowd then began to ask loudly why they are leaving after only arriving such a short time earlier. It is hollered that the battle is at hand. Mutter and Whisper make their way through the gates, which are shut by the Guards of Ira behind them. Panic erupts as the palace is placed on the highest alert. The guards of Ira disperse into the crowds, attempting to maintain order while Mutter and Whisper race into the desert in hopes of stopping the two Mirrormite soldiers from reaching Quaker.

Meanwhile, far across Mavenwood Reamy and Zytor reach the City of Vitare, on their way to speak with the city elder, Kristo. As they enter the city they are noticed very quickly as hundreds of eyes follow them as they walk between the many clay dirt buildings. They are not followed but many Morts are wondering why a common bat and an Artog are traveling together and why they have entered their city.

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