Time well spent…

After a week of craziness, the weekend brought my three wonderful boys to my house for some time together. It was easy to forget the week with good pizza, family and a cartoon I haven’t seen since the mid 90’s! My boys and I had pizza with my mother, step father and two younger brothers. Like three little ‘Cookie Monsters’ they ate and ate!.

Then I introduced them to one of my favorite cartoons, ‘The Real Ghostbusters”, the cartoon from the early and mid 90’s. Four men bonded for over three hours, uninterrupted, as we watch the entire first season. We we all little last night! They all spent the night, which went surprisingly great, I was only woke up once because someone had to go pee at 2a.m., not bad at all!

Then came McDonald’s and home for the boys. It is still strange to go from all the commotion of three young boys to the silence of nothing! I did wash and put away laundry, put clean linens on my bed, washed my dishes and wrote three more pages on Bk4 of Marky, Slash & Levy! It was a long two and a half hours but well worth it.

This weekend was also filled with thoughts about people and the walls they must put up sometimes to deal with life. This has reminded me that I have dealt with my fair share of walls and have been to darn happy to let one derail that. It will take time but another wall will bite the dust, you can count on it!

Here is to wishing you all a great Labor Day!!

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