Theft of the Stone

As chaos builds within the Palace of the Collective Council over the appearance of another large crater, just outside the palace walls. The three Mirrormite soldiers who had been sent by Quaker to retrieve the Stone of Lydia had an unguarded path into the palace. Once inside, the lead soldier led them to the palace’s lower lever where they entered the Vault of Artifacts. It takes some time but the three soldiers find the Stone of Lydia and swipe it from  the pillar it rested upon. Hoping to leave as easily they shut the door behind them.

Then, from nowhere, the third soldier feels something grab his leg. The other two soldiers watch in terror as the third begins to turn to ash and blow away. The source reveals himself…it’s Grainger! Grainger had made it to the palace earlier and had heard the commotion. The two soldiers race out of the palace, far ahead of the slower chasing Grainger. With chaos brimming over. The Mirrormite soldiers place hoods over their heads and make their way out of the palace and into the desert, taking the Stone of Lydia with them.

Grainger stands on the palace steps and looks across the crowd for the soldiers but to no avail. He then enters the Great Hall, where the Collective Council, Mutter and Whisper are just returning from after being on top of the palace. When the council learns of the intrusion. They follow Grainger into the Vault of Artifacts and find the Stone of Lydia has been taken.

Mutter and Whisper are asked by Randor to chase down the soldiers as “All Costs”. The two agree and make their way out of the palace with haste as the council places the entire palace on the highest alert and locks it down. Fear runs amuck as many feel it may be too late already.

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