Bringin’ on the Heartbreak

You got the best of me...

I’m sitting here tonight and find myself questioning my judgement in general. Is it that I seem to search for the bad luck whether I want it or not? For me luck has been that little coach right beside me, patting me on the back saying, “You can do it kid”, all the while, tieing my shoe strings so that as soon as I get up for another round, I fall flat on my face. It has always been “a day late” or “a dollar short”. Work so hard to make a mark, and someone always comes along and paints the wall. It’s no ones fault, things just happen, but luck has really dealt a punch this time, and for the first time since being divorced it hits, the one thing I have been running from for five months, my luck!

To take a quote from a Def Leppard song, “I’m sorry but it’s true…You’re Bringing On The Heartbreak.”

Alright luck…I’ll tap out for now…you win!

Back to writing tomorrow night!!!

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