After Eight Years, He Comes To Life…

After eight years of writing and three years of frist creating the character and then having to wait to introduce him to the series, I am overjoyed to bring to life my last character in the Marky, Slash & Levy series…The Heatseeker. To bring him to life for me is like cashing in Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! As a writer I have thought so much about this moment and to have it has made things come full circle.

Hard work, patience and determination have been what got me here and I am proud to say the time has come!

Marky, Slash & Levy Meet The Heatseeker!

As soon as dawn breaks, Nazareth leads Marky, Slash & Levy across a glacier as they make their way to meet the Heatseeker. After some time, the three friends feel a strange curiosity come over them as they walk. Nazareth explains it is because they had been on this very glacier once before. He explains that M,S&L used this glacier to make their impossible escape from the Terrance Hounds in what seems like so long ago.

It would take some time, but Nazareth would lead them to the end of a glacier and the beginning of a large, snow-covered valley would begin. In the side of the mountain is a cave. Before Nazareth allows M,S&L to enter, he explains that the Heatseeker has not seen many creatures in a very long time and will not warm to the idea of returning to the Doomsday Device with them. Undetoured, M,S&L and Nazareth enter the cave to find a large, one room cavern with an enormous fire burning in the center, keeping the cavern at a comfortable temperature. Beyond the fire is a set of jagged steps leading to a throne that was carved from the heart of the mountain.

In that throne sits the Heatseeker, who acknowledges Nazareth and makes his way down the stairs and towards M,S&L. They notice his tall, slender stature and how his frost white hair resembled Zytors, but shorter. From his fur covered boots and gloves to his metal helmet upon his head, it was clear that the Heatseeker was a creature who had seen his fair share of challenging times. The only question now was, would he be willing to tackle the greatest challenges of them all?

What else can I possibly say…

As I draw even closer to finishing Marky, Slash & Levy the happiness that fills me is unmeasurable. I cannot believe that I will soon be finished with this labor of love and look myself in the mirror with a smile and a “Job well done”! I know that with what I have done is something that my sons will always remember and it is my hope that when they become adults they will remember my success and use that to remind them that (to quote ‘Rocky Balboa’) “ain’t nothing over till it’s over”. 1,000 pages, I never could have believed it. Though it might not be exactly to 1,000 (not sure yet with the way things are going) to basically be there is a feeling that I will never forget. Eight years ago there was nothing but blank pages and incomplete thoughts and now there is Marky, Slash & Levy, there is Mavenwood and there is the bond between three friends will never be torn apart.

I had hoped to finish by October 1st but I do not see that as a possibility as the story is going deeper and becoming more emotional as the confrontation between good and evil comes to a head. That is what I love about writing!!!

Frost Orders Artonia Lockdown

As Nelty and Kelso finish explaining just what Quaker’s intentions are, High Priest Frost explains that he must place the entire city on lockdown and place the full force of the guard on alert and watch. He apologizes to Nelty and Kelso but explains that he must leave to warn the city. He invites them to stay, but when Nelty and Kelso explain they are quickly leaving to return to their friends, he wishes them a safe venture.

Nelty and Kelso make their way back out into the cold winds and find their way down the mountain and run into Polar and Chill, who are hurrying to brings things inside a small shack carved from the mountain. When they approach, Polar asks if the events he had heard of are true. Nelty and Kelso reply, “Yes”!  It is Chill that comes out, with high hopes that the two travelers are staying to help prepare. Polar explains to his son that the two are leaving to aid their friends.

The innocent look upon Chill’s face amongst the surrounding chaos touches both Nelty and Kelso. The two look and one another and then to Chill and reply “No, we’re not leaving”. Their willingness to stay touches Polar as he declares them to be more courageous. Together, the four begin to carry furs into the shack.

Nelty and Kelso could not stop thinking about Marky, Slash & Levy, hoping they would be successful in locating the Heatseeker. Little did they know that the three friends were already on the move, behind Nazareth, they were on their way to meet the Heatseeker!

If Only

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that recently I have begun thinking about finding someone else to share my time with. I can say that though I am beginning to think of the possibility of someone else, I wonder, is what I really want even around here? I am doubtful, which leaves me with simply living life and leaving it to fate it someone will come along. Things should never be rushed, though it is difficult when your friends are married and you come home at night to a goldfish named ‘Fishy”. I was asked two nights ago about what I wanted and my listed was highly detailed. Smart, funny, self driven, compassionate, loving, cute, motherly, a great friend, organized (controlled chaos is preferred) and isn’t afraid to just be herself, oh yeah and committed to making things work. If only that were as easy to find as it was to say and now write.

I have three wonderful sons who give me my fulfillment in life. With smiles, hugs and kisses a dad could not ask for anything more! I recently had photos of my sons and I am I must say they turned out wonderful!

As for my writing, tonight Bk4 officially became the largest book of the series. Talk about going out with a bang! Only a couple of weeks to go and I will be finished. I had hoped to finish my the end of the month but with some scenes changing as I was writing I don’t think it will come to be.

All I can say is that life is good, and I am standing tall! Bring it, I can handle it…

Nelty and Kelso meet High Priest Frost

Nelty and Kelso follow two Artog Guards up the long, icy, snow-covered stairs which led up the mountainside and to the Ice Palace, home of High Priest Frost. They were happy to enter the palace and leave the blustery cold wind outside. They were led down a hallway and into what was known as The Gathering Room to await High Priest Frost, who made his appearance in a very short amount of time.

High Priest Frost smiled at Nelty and Kelso and asked how he could help the two travelers. They each took turns explaining the horrible events that were unfolding and informed him of how Quaker planned to unleash the Rockmites onto the world. They continued on until the mention of Zytor’s name. High Priest Frost cannot believe his ears when he hears the banished Artog had been resurrected from the Embarrass River and had joined the forces of good to stop Quaker. With such news, he orders an immediate lock down of the city, no one in or out until they learn of Marky, Slash & Levy’s success or failure.

Nelty & Kelso Reach Artonia

As Marky, Slash & Levy attempt to sleep before meeting the Heatseeker, Nelty and Kelso reach the ice gates of Artonia with the help of Polar and Chill. As they reach the city, they find that the once wide open gates are almost completely closed and the opening blocked by four Artog soldiers. Polar stops his sled and asks what it happening. The lead soldier explains that yet another large opening has surfaced farther off past the city walls and that High Priest Frost has ordered the heightened alert as a precaution.

Nelty and Kelso explain that they have an answer for the information and that they come from the Collective Council with that information for High Priest Frost.

After some deliberation, the soldiers rush Polar and the others inside. As the four climb of the sled, the solders inform Polar that they will escort Nelty and Kelso up the mountain to see High Priest Frost. Worried, Polar asks Nelty and Kelso what they know. Nelty then looks a Chill and asks Polar to remain inside the cities walls for safety. Kelso then lets him know that as soon as they speak with High Priest Frost, they will let him know everything. Without hesitation, two of the soldiers lead Nelty and Kelso towards a long set of ice stairs that lead up the mountain to the Lair of High Priest Frost.

The Last Character

I am ready to introduce Marky, Slash & Levy to my last character, The Heatseeker, a character I created in 2008 but have not been ready to introduce until now. After eight years, to introduce the last member of the series, I am ecstatic! This is so very gratifying and very much worth the hard work and the wait. As I sit here, finished for the night I am smiling, to know he is the last character to be written is a feeling I will never forget!

As I am nodding off, let me wish you all a wonderful night and great day tomorrow! Thanks for reading!