Sitting here, I am confused to no end. I started my day not feeling very well and went to work anyway. Ny noon my head felt so congested and my headache had gotten bad enough that every time the telephone rang I closed my eyes from the hurt it caused. I am rarely ever gone from work and had plenty of sick time, so at noon I told my boss I was not feeling well and was overcome with the feeling that I was in some form asking for a million dollars, though I appreciate him allowing me to take the afternoon off, I felt as though he didn’t really care and really wanted me to stay and work. Others are allowed to take off and do things, this one time, not feeling well, so was I on a rare occasion. I am glad I did! I took a 45 minute hot shower (until the hot was gone) then to bed. I woke up, felt better and then worked through four more pages of Bk4!

Also I have been asked about the young woman I had the pleasure to meet two weeks ago. I did have a wonderful time and would very much enjoy spending time with her again. However, things don’t always work out exactly the way we might like. As I work a lot of hours a week, so does she. She also has a routine that keeps her insanely busy, that doesn’t allow a lot of down time. To answer a question, Yes, in what I saw on that one evening, I would like see where things go. LOL, its like the old Tom Petty song, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.”

This week has started off with thoughts on Marky, Slash & Levy and what I would like to happen with the series, basically what I have been thinking about since 2003. These guys deserve to breakout somewhere! I am almost done with Bk4 , I’m guessing 20 pages left?!

I’m ready for change, change with love, change with work, change with Marky, Slash & Levy, I’m ready to climb off of the Drain Train!:)

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  1. I think we all feel that way when we ask for time off from work. Don’t let it bother you. Get to feeling better. Work will happen without you. Tomorrow is a new day. Keep your chin up. Good things will happen when it is time for them to happen. Come by sometime and have a glass of iced tea and talk with me and Tom. =~)

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