The Final Division

After explaining the unfolding events to Princess Cimerron, Marky, Slash, Levy, Nelty & Kelso note that time is now running against them and that they are unsure how long it will be before Quaker does complete the sequence to the Doomsday Device. Princess Cimerron offers her assistance on behalf of her community. The travelers ask for food to help them finish their journeys. The Princess quickly calls for food, which arrives without haste. The Powder trolls bring two duffel bags to the Princess and fills them with Dwarfwood Berries. When full, the Princess latches them shut and hands the bags to Nelty and Kelso, who put them on, over their shoulders. But knowing the time has come to go two separate ways. Marky, Slash & Levy stare at Nelty and Kelso. Kelso then gives his bag to Slash, who puts it on and syntches it down tightly onto his back. Princess Cimerron tells the five travelers that the Dwarfwood Berries are sweet, very filling, take little drink to swallow and last for many, many days after being pick from their branches.

As a silence falls across the large crowd of Powder Trolls, Princess Cimerron wishes the two parties strong wishes for a safe and successful journey. The five friends then make their way around the large crowd who had been standing around the even larger opening. Once on the other side, Nelty and Kelso wish the best of luck to Marky, Slash & Levy, while the three friends return such wishes back to them as well.

On a promise to meet again, Nelty and Kelso make their way north towards the Cold Climate Region, on their way to the Artic Region and the City of Artonia, while Marky, Slash & Levy turn left and head towards the land of Nightvania in search of the Heatseeker. Out of one original group of seven travelers, there was now nine heroic warriors divided into four separate journeys to stop the forces of evil.

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